Medical Academy of the Teaching Hospital of “Val-de-Grâce” in France

Founded in 2008 in a start-up mindset, two different horizons have come together to create a unique combination between a high-level experimented military surgeon committed to social activities and entrepreneurship: Dr Bernard Lefèvre; and a manager in education and learning solutions at international level helping employees to change in business environment, convinced that the real value of companies lies in its human resources: Mrs Laurence Peschel .

Both are convinced that the company’s development depends on the transmission of knowledge, personalised support and individual responsibility, which places people at the centre of the company.


The sum of each person’s intelligence boosts the company’s performance:
Foundation of our practice of collective intelligence.



Top management


Advisory teams

Dr Bernard Lefèvre CEO
Laurence Peschel COO
Education - Learning solution
Prof. Yves Breda Medical Director
In charge of University partnerships
Maria Veludo Phd. Pedagogical Director
Learning solutions development
Administrative department
Commercial department
Human Resources department
Communication department
Accountancy department
IT department
Public sector-Permanent council
Retired military personnel
Healthcare industry Middle East-Asia
Real Estate & Smart Cities Middle East - Asia
Hospitality and Medical Tourism Middle East - Asia
Social Health sector -Retirement-Social coverage Europe
Textile Industry Senegal - Kenya
Silver Economy Switzerland

Social Impact

We support social inclusion, transfer of knowledge and skills, ownership behavior, commitment, solidarity for better social environment, sustainable economy.

Leading by collective intelligence

Corporate Value

These are the values we believe in and which are shared by all our team members:

  • Listening capability and Empathy
  • Ethics and Respect of each individual
  • Shared responsibility


Strategic Alliances

In Senegal: partnership with the University Cheik Anta Diop for transfer of technology and knowledge for the textile industry

In Switzerland: partnership with public health authorities for development of innovative concepts for healthcare facilities for senior population

In U.A.E: partnership for development of post graduated education for physicians and medical staff

We partner with you

  • To move from a pure “execution” mindset to a more “engagement” spirit.
  • To reinforce the leadership of senior management and the ownership by the teams.
  • To mobilise knowledge and collective intelligence of all stakeholders of the company for a better performance.
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