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Link 2 Business World has a deep experience in several industry sectors.

We believe in the alliance of Business expertise and People development to help the organization to face market challenges.
Both aspects are often treated separately rather than linked, so as to create strong internal synergies.
Our teams bring our clients a diagnostic approach and a wealth of experience in their field of expertise, a benchmark with other industries, in-depth analysis of the situation and best practices.
We take you further and ensure that there is knowledge transfer to local teams to ensure continuous improvement! This represents an essential link in this alliance.


We partner with our clients to create more value for a sustainable performance!



People Development

Collective intelligence accelerates and optimises the decision-making process. It is key in every step of the process: reflection, cooperation, innovation, creation…

A company works optimally with the active participation of each employee: ideas and experiences of colleagues working with us
help in taking the right decision for the organisation.

Our approach allows our customers to encourage this”collective intelligence”in order to address the strategic
challenges faced by the organization and to ensure a sustainable performance.

Some achievements

  • Participation in values definition aligned to the new strategy
  • Deployment of strategic messages and company values worldwide
  • Support of change management plan for healthcare professionals
  • Restructuring of departments based on collective intelligence concept
  • Mapping of competences and creation of a career centre
  • Coaching for top management in change transition

Enriched by the intelligence of all !

The practice of “Collective Intelligence” will imply a change in the management approach.

The manager has a mission to execute the strategy and to translate the strategic objectives into an action plan;
He needs to add a new dimension to his role : integrate of individual intelligences to Foster collaboration and sharing.

Some achievements

  • Workshop on alignment of people to the strategy
  • Leadership and behavioral competency
  • Change management and transition to a culture of agility
  • Team restructuring and action plans
  • Global-level management programme
  • Team building to create collective spirit

Strengthening the leadership and
accountability of management !

Every human resources community can strengthen its impact by enhancing the intellectual capital of the company.

It supports the strategy by developing a culture of agility, strengthening the link between the top and middle management,
cultivating a management philosophy based on the values of the company.

Some achievements

  • Human resources strategy redefinition and repositioning
  • Labor law assistance and contract revision for temporary personnel
  • HR image and employer reputation management

Creating value through people strategy!
HR, The essential business partner.






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